Our story

In 2006, two graduating seniors at Mission San Jose High School, James Do and Michael Tao, founded Perfect 1600 with a clear mission: to turn upside down a local SAT prep industry that was old-fashioned, unpleasant, and ineffective.

With Perfect 1600, James and Michael proved that it was possible to build Fremont's most effective SAT program based on a positive, inclusive environment that encourages students to learn instead of punishing them if they don't.

In the years that followed, James and Michael continued to grow their program while earning degrees from Stanford University and UC Berkeley. Perfect 1600 became famous for its ability to inspire students to discover their love of learning, even when preparing for a standardized exam.

Today, 12 years after our founding, Perfect 1600 continues to be not only the most effective SAT prep program in the Fremont community, but also the most well-loved.

And that, above all, is why we do what we do.